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From: "Paul Manning" <>
Subject: The Norfolk Chronicle and Norwich Gazette January 11th 1902 - page 11
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 21:56:26 +0100

Advert for Doan's Backache Kidney Pills
Mrs Josephine IRESON of 20 St Bartholomew Street, St John's Sepulchre,
Norwich writes an endorsement for these pills that cured her rheumatism, and
she bought from Boot's, the chemist, of London Street, Norwich.

GURNEY, Col BLAKE-HUMFREY, and Col. KEPPEL at the Shirehall
Alfred Henry PRENTICE, carter of Quebec Road, fined 5s for allowing a horse
to stray onto the highway at Sprowston.
James CRIGHTON jun, showman, of NORWICH was fined #1 9s for allowing 5
horses to stray on the highway at Sprowston.

Before Henley CURL and A HALDINSTEIN at the Guildhall
Henry ALLEN, alias Skipper, of no fixed residence was fined #1 with being
drunk and disorderly on Peacock Street.
John Henry KELLY of Waterfield's, Quayside was charged on remand with
obtaining 5s from Mr SMITH BOUGHEN, a hosier of London Street, by false
pretence. KELLY had called upon SMITH BOUGHEN and said he was called
THOMPSON and was butler to Col CUSTANCE of Weston Hall and had lost all of
his money. As SMITH BOUGHEN thought he had seen KELLY with Col. CUSTANCE<
he handed him 5s. Alfred THOMPSON sad KELLY had worked for Col CUSTANCE
until November 10th. Detective DOE said prisoner had denied giving the name
of THOMPSON. There were also similar charges of obtaining money from Alfred
DARBY, manager to Messrs Johnson, Burton and Theobald, and from Robert FIDDY
of the White HART. Found guilt and sentenced to one month for each offence
(to run concurrently).
Herbert Granville HICKLING of 33 Sigismund Road, was summoned by his wife,
Louise Fanny HICKLING of neglecting his wife and children. Mr E REEVE for
the applicant said they had separated in 1896 and he had wilfully neglected
to provide reasonable maintenance. Mr JOSEPH, for the defence, said that
there was a technical difficulty in that information had not been provided
within 6 months and as such there was no case in law. Case dismissed.

Before H CURL and H FLOWERS on Saturday
John Potter, boots, of no fixed residence, was remanded until Monday for
obtaining from Walter CAREY, two dead rabbits, value 2/8 by false pretences.
Thomas WILSON, labourer of 119 King Street, charged with stealing coal of
value /5 the property of George SMITH. Police Sgt HOOK apprehended WILSON
carrying a sack of coal and as he was suspicious, took him to the police
station. Although he said he took it from his home, a man named ETHERIDGE
employed at Thorpe Station said he saw the prisoner at 6.30 a.m. on the
Midland Coal Company's ground. Found guilty and sentenced to 7 days hard
William Augustus CULLINGFORD of no fixed abode was charged with obtaining a
quantity of food from Jessie MILES, widow, of St Philip's Road. Mr E A
BRACEY defended. Accused called on Mrs MILES and said he wanted to let a
room, and was off to see a rich brother in Brighton the next day. Mrs MILES
thought his name was CUNDLE, but accused had a peculiar pronunciation. she
allowed him to stay, but he was unable to pay on the Friday as he had not
seen his brother. Magistrate dismissed the case, but expressed the hope
that the prisoner would pay for the meals and accommodation.
William CULYER SADD, boot finisher of Distillery Street, St Mary's was
summoned by his wife, Celia CULYER-SADD, now living at the Prince of Wales's
Feathers yard, St Benedict's for alleged persistent cruelty. Mr E A BRACEY
defended. The couple had been married 7 years, during which time she had
left him 7 or 8 times. One day, after he refused to go to work, she
followed him from Public House to Public House, and when they got home she
alleged he assaulted her. she denied under cross-examination that she had
thrown things at him. She said she did not want his money, she just wanted
a separation. The defendant admitted he had threatened his wife and
consented to an order being made. He agreed to give his wife half the
furniture, and the magistrate granted the order. The costs mounted to 9/6.

Jabez WATERING, painter, of Union Street was summoned by his wife, now
living in Norfolk Street, who alleged persistent cruelty. Magistrates
granted a separation order and directed defendant to contribute 8/ a week
towards maintenance of wife and 3 children, and costs of 13/6.
John POTTER, described as a boots, of no fixed abode, charged on remand of
obtaining from Walter CAREY a fish dealer of Ber street, two rabbits value
2/8 the property of George CAREY, also a box of cigars the property of John
Stephen ELLISON, various fruit the property of Arthur PLATTEN; two tins of
sardines the property of Charles CROFT; and, six pipes, the property of John
GOOCH. With regard to the first charge it was alleged he had handed an
order from Mrs WHEELER of Bracondale School for two rabbits. On the strength
of this, they were handed to the defendant, but he did not take them to the
school - he sold them to the landlord of the Redan public house, Thorpe
Road. The accused was never sent with a note from the school. About 12
months ago he was engaged as boots at the school. Remanded in custody till

Before G M CHAMBERLIN, Sir Harry BULLARD M.P., George WHITE Esq., and R G
BAGSHAW on Tuesday
Frederick Thomas WOODCOCK, cabman of Traverse Street, fined 5s for being
drunk in charge of a horse and cart on Exchange Street.
Charles BESSEY, fined 5s for being drunk in charge of a horse and cart on
The Walk.
Frederick Fiske, hawker, of Black Boys Yard, Barrack Street, fine 10s or 14
days for breaking a window of the Cellar House, Barrack Street, the property
of John TIDMAN.
George ROPER of Silver Street, and Benjamin EDWARDS of Barrack Street, fined
5s for fighting on The Walk.
William EAST, carter, of Marlborough Road, was charged with stealing 200
bricks belonging to James William HARDY, a market gardener of Junction Road.
W E KEEFE defended. HARDY said the bricks were stored at his allotment on
Silver Road and noticed they were missing on Monday morning. He made
enquiries and saw Walter SMITH's cart with about 200 bricks on it, and EAST
in charge of the cart. HARDY went to the police who charged EAST. EAST said
that he took bricks from his master's (Walter SMITH's) allotment, but may
have taken a few from HARDY as the bricks were all over the place as the
result buildings that had been demolished. Case dismissed as there was an
absence of felonious intent.

Before F ODDIN TAYLOR and R G BAGSHAW On Wednesday
John POTTER, described as a boots, of no fixed abode, charged on remand of
obtaining from Walter CAREY a fish dealer of Ber street, two rabbits value
2/8 the property of George CAREY, also a box of cigars the property of John
Stephen ELLISON, various fruit the property of Arthur PLATTEN; two tins of
sardines the property of Charles CROFT; and, six pipes, the property of John
GOOCH. Three witnesses were called to the first case on Monday, but then
the police asked for adjournment as they wished to gather more evidence.
Police Constable BUTTON said that when he was on duty on Friday Night, the
accused came into his office and confessed to stealing the rabbits and
selling them at /7 each at Tom MORLEY's, the Redan, Thorpe. On the second
charge, the accused had presented George ELLISON, assistant to John
STEPHENSON ELLISON, tobacconist of 14, the Walk with a note requesting a box
of "La Alvena" cigars be sent to W PRIMROSE, at the bank on Dereham Road.
At court, W PRIMROSE of Dereham Road, identified the prisoner as he had
known him to be a solicitor's clerk many years ago. He said he was a
customer of Ellison's but had never met the prisoner there. Accused
confessed to Det. Sgt GOLDSMITH that he had taken the cigars and sold some
at the cab shelter. With regard to the next case, the accused had asked for
some fruit to take to Mrs BOWHILL of 75 Rosary Road (who was known to Arthur
PLATTEN). Alice PLATTEN, wife of Arthur said he also came into the shop and
asked for nuts and figs for Mrs BOWHILL. Mrs BOWHILL said she was an
occasional customer of Mrs PLATTEN of Prince of Wales Road, but didn't know
the prisoner. Prisoner committed to the Assizes.

Norfolk Chronicle, General Printers, 8 Market Place, Norwich

Mrs SAMBROKE TAYLOR, 97, St Giles Street, Norwich - High class corsets at
popular prices

Phoenix Assurance Co Ltd - Agents at Norwich: A Kent and Sons, Solicitors,
St Andrew's, Hall Plain

H GARRIE HURN for Green Wagon and Cart Covers - 12 Exchange Street and 35 St
Stephen's Street

ADCOCK and Sons - "Sure Shot" - the leading 2d Smoke, Manufacturer's Norwich
[this ad is superimposed on a drawing of a cigar]

Railways Passengers' Assurance Co
Agents for Norwich: L E BOLINGBROKE, 28 London Street; E V COX, 49 College
Road, H P GOULD, 8 King Street; W HAMMOND, Victoria Goods Station
Lowestoft: J W SMITH, G.E. Railway Station
King's Lynn: W W CLIFTON, Gaywood
Yarmouth: B BELL, G.E. Railway Station

ABC LINE - Passenger, Goods and Parcels to all parts of the world. H
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