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From: "francis WRIGHT" <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 22:12:31 +0100

Hi list you may find this of interest
I lived and worked in the shade of the church tower for 8 years in the 70s. The house I lived in was built across one of the church walls I had a 6ft walk from my kitchen to my living room through one of the walls. I worked on a farm and alot of the farm buildings were joined to some of the old walls.
The church it self was built in the 1300s and was a monastery church there are ruins in the surrounding fields the monastery was destroyed by good old Henry the 8th, The original village was built around the monastery but was decimated by the plague in the 1400s, T hey moved the village about a mile away but carried on using the church for a while, They then built a small chapel in the new village but carried on using the church for burials until mid 1800s when the new church was built using stone from the old church and surrounding ruins.
The church tower is completely hexagonal and I was told there is only one other tower in the country like it the other being on the south coast somewhere the shape of the tower was to do with the order the monks belonged to .
The site is very dangerous with keep out signs every where there were quite a few grave stones there in the 70s with some of them leaning against my house I presume that they are still there.
yours Francis

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