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From: "francis WRIGHT" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 14:47:25 +0100

Hi list
There may well be preservation order on it now, I have not lived in the area for 20years now. The whole site is of interest apart from the church there is the mount very close by. The farm was called Mount Farm not church farm as you would think .
The MOUNT is a man made hill which was one of the signal fires dotted around the country to call men to arms in times of trouble or if a king or queen died etc.
The Norwich museum were called out a couple of times when I lived there the first occasion was in the field next to the tower when we lost a tractor down a hole this hole was a bell shaped storage hole used by the monks to store there crops in .
The other occasion was when we had a very wet winter and spring the house next doors cellar flooded and when the water receded there was a hole in the wall which was a stone lined tunnel this proved to unsafe to go down so the wall was bricked up.
yours Francis

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