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From: David W Mills <>
Subject: Re: Smallburgh and the Black Death
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 18:05:14 GMT
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"Christine Watson" <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Many thanks to Paddy, Simon and Honor for the information on the population of Smallburgh. It was very useful and much appreciated.
> Incidentally, Simon mentioned the Black Death. Does anyone know whether this had an impact on the Smallburgh area, please? Are there any published studies on its effect across Norfolk? Would it have affected certain areas, or was it so widespread that few villages or towns would have escaped it?
> Many thanks,
> Chris.

When we lived at Tunstead back in the 1950s Miss Nicholl, who ran the
chidren's home /orphanage in Tunstead Vicarage did a lot of research on the
history of Tunstead. I remember well, a few years later, sitting at her knee
in a bungalow in Hoveton/Wroxham talking to her about this. She was plucking
the largest bird I had ever seen at the time and telling me about it all.

I was going to give a talk at school.

One thing that always puzzled her and us (my mother and I) waa the great
distance of the village of Tunstead from the actual Church. I remember Miss
Nicholl wondering if it was due to the Black Death.

She was going to write a book "sometime"...she never did. I often wonder
where all her notes went. Did her heir, Peter Nichols, inherit them. I
remember having to cut his meat for him at school dinners when he broke his

The last I heard of Miss N was that she had joined an order of nuns. She had
beeen a radiologist at the good old N&N whenI last saw her at about 13 uears
old. That was forty five years ago.

Did you know that there is a tunnel from Tunsted Church to Worstead? Well,
Miss N had spoken to two people who rememebered the tunnel being opened when
they were young and quickly being closed up again due to the "bad air". I is
supposed to have run from the small room below the platform behind the Altar
for which Tunstead is known. (Unique in Britaiin I believe)

Suffice to say the Black Death (whatever it was) had a huge effect on this
country. And Smallburgh is not far from Tunstead IIRC



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