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From: "david HINDE" <>
Subject: Re: Snips & Filters (was Re: (Periodic Posting) Why we don't have a Prepend)
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 17:31:43 -0000
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I think Richard's point was keep it simple.

Sorry Mark but to a Technophobic,anti systems person the click on send is
detailed enough

There was a word many of us hate - 'organised'


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Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 5:22 PM
Subject: Snips & Filters (was Re: (Periodic Posting) Why we don't have a

> Hi Richard -
> The <snip> is just to show where part of a message has been erased in a
> reply. So if you are replying to a very long e-mail, but you don't need
> to quote the entire message back to someone, you can show just the part of
> their e-mail you are referring to by <snipping> out the remainder.
> You actually <snip> manually by erasing what they wrote in your reply and
> typing "<snip>" yourself over the part you erased.
> Filters are like railway switches. They direct incoming (and outgoing
> copies of) e-mails within your e-mail software. You can tell the filters
> in your e-mail software to have all of the e-mails that come from your
> grandchildren to come into a separate e-mail box other than your In box.
> Usually this other e-mail box is labeled something memorable like
> "Grandchildren". So the railcars carrying most messages come down the
> Internet tracks into your In box but your switch-like filters toggle the
> railcars carrying messages from your grandchildren directly into the
> special mailbox station named "Grandchildren". You can have one filter or
> dozens and dozens. They are very handy for keeping your e-mail organized.
> It allows your e-mail software to basically do your electronic filing for
> you.
> Sorry, that was the best metaphor I could manage. I hope it helped.
> Cheers - Mark
> At 08:03 AM 2/14/2006, you wrote:
>>Hello all
>>I don't understand filters, I don't understand <snip> and I don't
>>understand that little blue thing Tim and Julie include on their email.
>>I only just keep my head above the email waters!
>>Do whatever you like, but keep it simple; I'm old and I come from simple
>>agricultural stock.
>>Notwithstanding my computer illiteracy, I do enjoy reading these messages
>>Richard Green
>>Researching GREEN, ALDERTON, BUCKLE and CROW(E) in Norfolk and WARN(E) and
>>WHITTINGHAM in Hampshire
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