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Subject: RE: [NORMAN-LIST] William Norman, Sr.
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 19:38:08 -0700
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Hi Janice: Thanks so much for all of those good Norman records!! My line is through Susanna Norman
(dau of the first Richard Norman) who m. Robert Lockwood bef 1634 probably in Salem, MA. I guess
with Richard II we will have to settle for him being born in England or Massachusetts. I do like
the following:

Thomas E. Gray, The Founding of Marblehead, (Baltimore MD, Gateway Press, 1984) pp. 100-101
RICHARD NORMAN, a carpenter from Somerset, was born in 1580, the son of John Fryeth (alias Norman).
He came to New England in 1624 with the Dorchester Company, residing at Cape Ann. He removed to
Naumkeag in 1626 and was granted land there. He was at Marblehead before 1645, living on the Darby
Fort side. Norman could have been one of the first inhabitants of Marblehead, arriving as early as
1628/9. He purchased about 12 1/2 acres in the Plain Farm in 1645, for which he paid about 5
pounds. He was mentioned in the estate of George Pollard in 1646, stinted for one cow in 1647, and
granted land in lot #1 of the 1648/9 division of the swamp. His wife was living in 1645 and he died
in 1653. He was one of Salem's old planters and the rock at Gloucester known as Norman's Woe was
named for him.

There is then a list of the children of Richard Norman I and a separate biography of Richard Norman
II. In the first list of children, the author says: "Richard, Jr. was born between 1623 and 1628,
possibly at Salem; court depositions give conflicting ages." Then in the biography he changes the
wording slightly to: "Richard Norman, Jr. was born between 1623 and 1628, probably at Salem; court
records list conflicting ages."

Gwen Boyer Bjorkman

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These are the notes and sources I have for the 1st 3 generations of
Massachusetts Normans:
>From "The Great Migration Begins Immigrants to New England 1620 - 1633" Vol
II by Robert Charles Anderson, Boston, MA; 1995; abstracted from pages
1334, 1335, and 1336:
Migration: © 1626
First residence: Salem
Removes: Marblehead
Occupation: Fisherman or shipwright
Education: Signed deed of 1653 by mark.
Offices: Coroner's jury on body of William Bateman, 18 September 1630.
On 18 May 1631 "Rich(ard) Norman is fined 2s. 6d. for his negligence in
Estate: In Salem land grant of 1636, received 20 acres.
In the 25 Dec 1637 division of marsh and meadow, he was granted
three-quarters of an acre, with a household of four.
29 Jan 1637/8 - granted 20 acres "that was Mr. Thorndeck's."
20 Jan 1640/1 - A grant to Allen Converse refers to "that lot which was
Richard Norman's near the head of the river," and adjoining Mr. Endicott's
14 Oct 1672 - Salem, MA - Will of Robert Morgan, son-in-law of Richard,
mentions the 12 acres of land in Manchester "which my wife's father Norman
gave unto her in the great plain."
22 April 1653 - Richard Norman, the elder, deeded to his son, Richard
Norman, his house and 10 acre lot "in Marvelheade upon Darbe Fort side,"
along with cow commons.
Marriage: No name given, but note that on 9 July 1645 the "wife of Richard
Norman, Sr." testified in court.
(Differs somewhat from other records. JNT)
(1) JOHN born © 1612; married before 1637 Arabella --------
(2) MARGARET born © 1613; married 1st © 1633 Robert Morgan ; eldest son
Samuel Morgan married 1658 possibly married 2nd after 1673 Samuel Fowler
(3) SUSANNA born © 1615; married by 1635 Robert Lockwood
(4) FLORENCE born © 1619; married 1st by © 1639 John Hart; married 2nd ©
1657 Thomas Whittridge
(5) RICHARD born © 1623; married by © 1650 Margaret ---------
20 Jan 1680/1 - In a deposition, Richard Brackenbury included "old Goodman
Norman and his son" among those who were already at Salem when Endicott
arrived in 1628.
17 Sep 1640 - "Erasmus James and Richard Norman, sr. ,(sic) were presented
for defective fences on Darby fort side. Not proved."
1642 - Richard Norman was evidently in a fishing or shipbuilding business
with his son, since "Rich(ard) Norman, Jno. Norman and Company" were sued by
John Devereux at July Term 1642 and again at December Term 1642. The
conflict grew heated and Devereux further sued Richard Norman for
defamation at December Term 1642.
At July Term 1642, Norman witnessed against Matthew Gillet who stole a piece
of soap from John Norman "to wash his shirts with, as he said."
February 1642/3 - When his son, Richard, Jr., was fined for "slighting
ordinances and carrying a burden on Lord's day," Richard, Sr., answered for
him in court.
"It is likely that Norman was probably not of the Puritan
Lt. Richard Norman (parents Richard Norman and Margaret Alford) was born
about 1624 in Salem Village, Essex County, MA... He died 11 Aug 1683 in
Marblehead, Essex Co., MA.
February 1642/3 - When Richard Norman, Jr., was fined for "slighting
ordinances and carrying a burden on Lord's day," his father, Richard Norman,
Sr., answered for him in court.
"The Old Planters," page 88, Richard Norman moved to Marblehead before 1645;
his wife was living in 1645; he died in 1683.
22 April 1653 - Richard Norman, the elder, deeded to his son, Richard
Norman, his house and a 10 acre lot "in Marvelheade upon Darbe Fort side,"
along with cow commons.
Ref: WFT 1-259, A note from Family Tree Maker, "History of Salem, MA" Also
known as "Old Goodman Norman" Vol 1-1(1626-37).
Ref: Richard Norman, Marblehead, MA, dated April 6, 1672, page 4, Marblehead
records (on Internet <>; dated
10/11/97) is referenced by name, at the meeting house and leanto.
Ref: "Ancestry of Sarah Stone," pg 51: He served the town of Marblehead as
selectman 1670/71/72. He took the free man's oath 1680 and was town
Constable the same year. He was in the Military in 1675 as an Ensign, in the
local foot company. He served in the Jury of Trials in 1668/73/76/77.
On August 11, 1683, a jury impanelled "to inquire into the untimely death of
Lt. Norman" found that being in a shallop at Moultin's Misery (Misery
Island,) he leapt into the water, intending to swim ashore, but drowned.
Administration of his estate was granted to his wife Margaret and John
Pickering. An inventory was taken by Moses Maverick and James Dennis and it
showed an estate of 398 pounds. Children listed in papers in probate court
documents: Rebeka, Richard, William, John, Elizabeth, Joseph, Benjamin and
More about Richard Norman, Jr. Lt:
Burial:Abt. August 11, 1683, "Marblehead, MA"
His father, Richard Norman, I, entered Massachusetts about 1623, aboard ship
"Mary and Jane."
Source Note: "History of Salem" Vol 1, page 88; "Early Normans, New
England" page 190
1684 - William Norman moved from Massachusetts Bay Colony to South
Carolina with his wife, Rebecca, and sons, William, Jr., and Moses. This
move was in conjunction with the large congregation of Puritans, who sailed
from Boston to the Charleston Harbor.
1684 - William Norman was granted 320 acres of land near Charleston
on the Ashley River in the newly formed town of Dorchester.
Since records show that he died in Massachusetts, he must have
returned there for some purpose unknown to this researcher and passed away
Source: Research Papers of Lettie Clark Hay, granddaughter of Jeremiah
Bryant Norman and Sarah Ann Elizabeth Handley; 1972.

If you will notice, the first source, "The Great Migration Begins etc.,"
says that Richard Norman, I, migrated 1626. The 2nd source "History of
Salem," (under info for Richard, II) says Richard, I, entered Massachusetts
"about 1623, aboard ship 'Mary and Jane.' "

That far back, I think we have to settle for "about" or "around" or "circa"
for a date. Some dates just cannot be pinpointed any closer than that, I

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