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Subject: Re: Cordwainers / Shoemakers
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 02:59:52 EST

Hello Friends,

I noted a message listed asking for information on Cordwainers etc recently.
You will all realise that my involvement with a certain project is very time
consuming at the moment which means that I did not have an opportunity to
reply sooner.

I have on my bookshelves a marvelous old directory published by the Post
Office in the year 1871, entitled Post Office Leather Trade Directory.

I have looked up the entries for the name KITCHEN which are as follows.

General Index.
Kitchen David, Over Lane, Winsford Chesire. Boot and Shoe Makers, Retail.
Kitchen David, Station Rd, Winsford Cheshire. Boot and Shoe Makers, Retail
Kitchen William, 3 Melville St. Lincoln. Boot and Shoe Makers, Wholesale.
Kitchen Wm. 43 Winding Rd, Halifax Yorkshire. Boot and Shoemakers, Retail.

Regarding Cordwainers and Shoemakers in Northumberland, I have always been
fascinated by the entry in Bulmers Trade Directory of 1887 for the Village of
Ancroft .

>From the details of the village we are given the location, which is situated
six miles south of Berwick and ten miles North of Belford. then there is this
historical fact quoted.

It is said to have been formerly a place of greater size and importance than
at present,and ws in the days of Queen Anne, the residence of a community of
shoemakers who made boots for the army. <UNQUOTE>

Why on earth were these shoemakers resident in Ancroft at that time, is there
any evidence of this historical fact within the parish records, would the army
have its own band of shoemakers that were shipped to Ancroft, or was it some
enterprising Northumbrian who had made a niche for himself and started the
enterprise for his family and apprentices?

Has anyone else noted this snippet of Northumberlands past and researched it

Regards Maureen

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