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Subject: RE: [NMB] Questions about Birdhope Craig and Newcastle
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 16:55:03 +0100


1. URC United Reform Church possibly?
2. Don't know but check out
3. Blanchland?
4. Don't know, sorry.
5. I thought there was only one St Andrew - Newgate Street? (But I am
probably wrong!)
6. Spital Tongues is an area of Newcastle city centre you can find it on
7. Elsdon contains Birdhopecraig but is not near Blanchland again look at
8. Yes, colliery is a coal mine.

Have you looked at ?
It is full of wonderful information about Northumberland and Newcastle.

There are lots of place names and locations under

Let me know how you get on.

I have been trying to find you a picture of the Blackie Boy on-line, but I'm
not having much success at the moment.



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1. Thomas Anderson b. to William and Jane 6-27-1786 says "Birdhope Craig
at the top of the page (20) (LDS film 1066769). What does URC mean?

2. Is the Church still standing?

3. The "Residence" is hard to read the script but it looks like Is that a town?

4. Page 43 Birdhope URC Anthony Anderson b. 6-27-1814 to Thomas and Mary,
residence is "Southch....(possibly Southchester)"?

5. Another film for Newcastle area-The listing for Anthony and Mary (Booth)
Anderson's children's christenings says at the top of the page "Saint
Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England" (LDS film 1238679). It doesn't
say a better description of the church, but if there are two St. Andrew's
Churches, Pilgrim Street and Newgate Street, is there any clue as to which
one it is?

6. The 1851 census for the Anderson family says the residence is at the
Boy Inn. Above it all the families are listed as being in "Spital T....."
looks like Tongues or Torques. What is that and where is it?

7. Elsdon-another researcher says the Anderson family is all from Elsdon-is
there a difference between Elsdon and Birdhope Craig?

8. Colliery-you are all talking about them continually. Is it a coal mine?
the Black Boy Colliery, which supposedly the Black Boy Inn (Jane tells me is
now the Blackie Boy)-would that be a coal mine?

I apologize to any of the list who thinks these may be obvious answers, but
to someone in the US, who is not familiar with the Churches or area, it is
mystifying to try to read some of these, and our maps of Newcastle do not
give enough detail to find the different areas.
If anyone needs anything looked up over here, I will see what I can do,
you have all been so kind and helpful.
Ruth (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

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