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From: "Steve Ellwood" <>
Subject: RE: [NMB] Pitt Street
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 18:03:56 -0000
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Hi Anne

The Milburn/The Greyhound is at 70 Pitt Street and is the only pub on Pitt

It's quite a few years since I had visited the Pitt Street/Diana Street area
and it certainly was an eye openers - most of the business's that I
remembered had disappeared.
Dickman's Pies used to be on Pitt Street (bet a lot of folk can remember
their pork pies being sold in Scottish and Newcastle Breweries pubs), now
long gone.
All of the pubs which used to stand on Diana Street appear to have been
changed into housing accommodation, so there is no longer a Kings Arms etc.

How things change!.

Best Wishes and Gan Canny Hinny

Steve Ellwood
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For photographs of the Newcastle Upon Tyne area go to:

Steve, thank you for the information on "The Milburn". My mother was
born in Pitt St and her mother in Diana St. Do you know the street
number for the pub? I would be interested to find out any other
information that you have/know. I have printed out the relevant photos

Anne, Melbourne, Australia. (loved the 'Wor' brings back many memories)

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