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From: "Steve Ellwood" <>
Subject: RE: [NMB] Sleekburn, Bedlington
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 08:46:54 +0100
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Hi Carol

I can point you in the direction of some web sites that you may wish to
investigate as part of your search for information on Sleekburn:

1. Keys to the Past - this has some information concerning Sleekburn
Cottage Farmhouse (Sleekburn Cottage Farm is still in existence),
Sleekburn Viaduct and gives access to maps dating back from the 1800's
to the present day, aim your browser at:

2. Northumberland Communities web site has a host of information about
Bedlington and you may find some information on Sleekburn there.

3. My personal take on Sleekburn is that it grew from a farm called
Sleekburn and became a village in it's own right when the colliery was
sunk (1839). However the name of the village appears to have changed
over time and it is now known as Bedlington Station.

4. Whilst East Sleekburn is geographically East of Sleekburn the same
cannot be said for West Sleekburn which is located to the North of
Sleekburn (rather confusing!).

5. The Colliery at Sleekburn was known as "A Pit" and there is reference
to this and some photographs at the following:

6. I have a booklet in the Bedlingtonshire Village History Series -
"Sleekburn (The Station)" by Stephen B Martin, so if you let me know
your ancestors name, I'll see if there are any references to that

Hope this helps, and it may be worth your while carrying out a search on or other such search engines, using the term Bedlington
Station rather than Sleekburn ;-)

Best Wishes and Gan Canny Hinny

Steve Ellwood
Whitley Bay, North East England
Tyneside & Northumberland Local History Group at:
For photographs of the Newcastle Upon Tyne area go to:
"Geordie goes beyond mere geography and is a quality of heart"

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Please could anyone tell me anything about Sleekburn, Bedlington in
1870? I have looked on old maps but cannot find Sleekburn. One of my
great grandfather's children was born there when he was a colliery


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