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From: Brian Pears <>
Subject: Re: [NMB] Re: Vindolanda
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 15:49:51 +0100
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Jenny DeA <> wrote:
> From what you say of the Vindolana finds there must be an enormous
>amount and the problem would be where to store and display them I
>should think.


The Vindolanda museum has a large storage area as well as
conservation and specialist photographic (visible and IR)
facilities, not to mention accommodation for some of the
staff. I understand that they do everything on-site and
have only sought outside help for the long-term storage
of the writing tablets because of their immense value.
Apparently historians have learnt more from the tablets
than from 200 years of excavations throughout the Empire.
They has even helped with such issues as the pronunciation
of Latin because many of the tablets were written by
slaves and others who spelt phonetically.

The known area of the Vindolanda civilian site is huge
and is protected from development. The Trust acquire the
land as and when they are ready to excavate - they've just
acquired several more acres. I was told that at the present
rate of working it will take 200 years to excavate the known
site alone, but it may well cover an even greater area. I
assume that the Trust will make provision to process and
store the expected volume of finds as the excavations

Cheers, Brian
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