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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 13:57:41 +0100
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I was sure I had sent this but can't find it anywhere, apologies if it
turns out to be a duplicate.

>My Great Grandfather Andrew SCOTT was born in Greenhaugh,
>Northumberland 1 April 1850 and in his twenties settled in New
>Zealand on the West Coast, South Island.
>Over the years I have collected a lot of data re Andrew's
>family in Northumberland with lots still to come.
>However I need an explanation of information on census forms,
>what are the place names & do they still exist, is anyone on
>the list researching this area.
>1841 I have Andrew SCOTT (Grandfather of my G Grandfather) &
>some of his family at Wellhaugh (which I understand is a
>village), Leaplish (so what is Leaplish)
Leaplish is now a recreation park on the side of Kielder reservoir,
originally it was a smallholding in the same location.

>Also ROBSON family at 'Burnmouth', Tarretburn.
>1851 Andrew (my Great Grandfather as a baby) at 'Tarretburn',
>Greenhaugh (which I understand is a village)
I suspect this to be Burnmouth at Tarset Burn, just North of Greenhaugh.

>1861 An Andrew SCOTT at Plashetts, East Kielder
Is now underwater, although part of the railway incline up to Plashetts
station is now a slipway into the water.

>!881 I have ROBSON family at the Dwelling; 'Redhaugh', Census
>place West Tarset,
Tarset is just below Lanehead, which is just south of Greenhaugh.

>Jane SCOTT at a Dwelling; 'Emmethaugh',
>Census place Wellhaugh
Now under water.

>also Walter SCOTT as a Boarder at
>Dwelling; 'Stannersburn Village' Census Place Wellhaugh.
Stannersburn is just south of Falstone.

>Also a CHARLTON family at Dwelling 'Highnewton Farm' Census Place
>East& West Charlton
Charlton is just East of Tarset. High Newton is just between the two.

>I have Andrews mother remarried & now a
>widow as Head of the House at 'Hainings Ridge Farm of 418 acres.
This will be Haining Rigg just North of Bellingham.

All the places still in existance can be found on a good map site.


Jane Rasmussen

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