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From: Brian Pears <>
Subject: Re: [NMB] Hunters in Heddon on the Wall
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 11:15:52 +0100
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G Parker <> wrote:
> I recently had the same problem with my memory card in Costa Rica
>hence irreplaceable photos. I took the card to a photographic shop
>(not a chain) and they managed to retrieve most of them for me, worth
>a try. you may need to aske around

Or possibly a computer technician might be even better - and I
mean a real one, not "some guy in PC World".

Having said that, I realize we're both somewhat off topic. And
while it's nice to offer such advice, we must remember that this
is a Rootsweb list and posts must relate to genealogy or local
history - in our case, genealogy or local history in Co Durham or

Of course, it's a bit of a grey area in cases like this where the
advice is about retrieving family or local history material from a
misbehaving camera or computer, or about problems accessing a
relevant history website, so I'm not saying it's wrong to post this
sort of thing. However, we musn't forget our remit and we must
never allow the list to get bogged down in technical discussions,
so we should always consider sending technical advice relating
to cameras, computers or websites off-list - ie directly to the
enquirer - indeed I will suggest this if a thread seems to be heading
in the wrong direction.

Brian Pears (Joint List Admin - NORTHUMBRIA Mailing List)

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