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From: Neil A Hofland< >
Subject: Re: Bygdebok
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 18:43:38 +0000

Hi Suzanne,

Well, your message has been sitting at the top of my email list for 2
days and I haven't seen an answer to you, so I'll take a stab at it. If
it's been answered, I apologize for cluttering the List.

Bygdeboks are like county history books for the districts of Norway.
Parts of the books deal with history of all kinds of stuff, like schools,
churches, businesses, etc. There is also a section of the book that
lists everyone who lived on each farm or living place in the district.
These books are written in Norwegian but if you get a good
Norwegian-English dictionary, like Haugen's, you can figure things out
because so many words repeat over and over, like born, died, married,
son, daughter, mother, father, etc. You can also ask for translation help
on the Norway List, just don't ask for pages at a time. Sneak a few
words and phrases in every day and soon you will be parsing the family

Not all districts have books and some have several. You have to locate
the area your family came from in order to get the right bygdebok. You
can buy some and also get them on inter library loan. I am not an expert
on finding where to get them. But there are people on this List who are.

You should not feel you are "totally ignorant" or "stupid" just because
you are a newbie. Everyone on this List was at one time. This stuff is
not easy or for the faint hearted. What you should really be feeling is
proud you are of Norwegian descent, no matter how little, and happy you
found this List. Stick with us, we'll help, but don't expect instant
results. It can happen, but it usually takes time and research,
especially bugging reluctant relatives for additional information.

I am sending you a copy of Newbie Notes in a separate email. If you
already have it, I'm sorry, and just delete it. It will be in 2 messages
because AOL can't handle messages over 30K.

Now if you want something to consider, just think, there is a woman on
this List that didn't know she was Norwegian until she was 46 years old.
Imagine spending that many years without knowing you are special. That
is real pathos. :-)


On Tue, 21 Apr 1998 21:01:52 EDT MN1NATIVE <> writes:
>Hi, could someone please give me the definition to the term Bygdebok
>- is
>there a web site with some Norwegian translation's for those of us
>ignorant in such things. I absolutely hate feeling stupid, and since
>side of the ancestory is relatively new to me, and though I grew up in
>Minnesota, surrounded by Norwegian friends. I just didn't pick it up.
> thanks
>for any help. Suzanne

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