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From: Norodd Bergene< >
Subject: Re: Saebu
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 19:10:26 GMT

Sun, 26 Apr 1998 07:45:10 -0600 skreiv Janni Belgum :

>>Then he has Oluf Halvorson Saebu, son of
>>Halvor Andersson (lensman i Slidre 1530, son of
>>Anders Havardson gifs 1470 Guri Fartesgnsdtr.
>> daughter of Fartigar Philipusson and Magnhild Jogrimsdtr.
>> above these two people it is written(my approximation):"Losnacellen"
>> Anders is the son of
>>Havard Havardson son of
>>Havard Arnesson a son/grandson of
>>Pal Eriksson (1255-1340) who is married to Sigrid Harilsdtr.
>> Pal is Riksrad under Hakon V

I have Oluf or Ole Håvardson Sæbu, father Håvard Anderson Sæbu,
father Håvard Anderson Sæbu. This is from the book " Bugge".
In this book it is no connection to Pål Erikson from Håvard Arneson
Sæbu. Håvard Arneson Sæbu is my 13. grand grandfather.

Med hilsen

Norodd Bergene, 2910 Aurdal

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