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Subject: Re: SV: SV: Bergen emigrant records
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 17:34:50 -0800

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Helge_Nyb=F8?= wrote:
> Dear Ruth Ann,
> So you have family roots on Averoy Island like me. I know where the Dyrseth
> farms are. The area is called Baadalen and they are neighbours to one of
> my first cousins.
> Endre Holten is writing the bygdabok covering Dyrseth.
> His E-mail is :
> I should like to stay in touch. Where do you live ?
> Sincerely,
> Helge Nybø
> ----------

Hi Helge,

I live just outside Washington DC, in Maryland. My Norwegian
great-grandfather and great-grandmother lived in Kerrick, Minnesota,
about 50 km SE of Duluth. And I grew up in Moose Lake, Minnesota, which
is very near there.

We were in Norway last July, visited Averoy and the Dyrseth
farms. We had a Waagbø cousin with (I bet you can guess where *that*
side of the family came from, too!) and we stopped at the first Dyrseth
farm we came to. We met Knut and Rita Dyrseth - after some conversation
we figured out that Knut isn't a relative of mine, but his wife Rita *is*
(somewhat distant - 3 more generations back from my great-grandmother to
our common ancestors). She took us over to meet her uncle Johannes, who
is helping with the work on the bygdabok. Unfortunately I didn't get his
last name, but I think that my cousin Arne Waagbø did, and also he got
Endre Holton's name, although I never got it from him. So, yes, I knew
that the book for that area is being worked on now, and that it's due out
sometime "soon".

I left a couple of copies of pictures, and a list of descendants
with Johannes - he said something about bringing them to the Kvernes
museum. Unfortunately we only had part of one day, so we didn't have
time to visit the museum or the Kvernes church (we *did* stop at the
Bremsnes church) - if we get there again another year I'd like to take a
little more time.

Anyway, thanks for Endre Holten's e-mail address - I might write
him a note and ask when the book will be out, and also maybe whether he'd
like any more information on the descendants on this side.

Ruth Ann

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