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From: "P. Risvold" <>
Subject: Re: Methodist in Norway
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999 11:21:54 -0600

Ron Johnson wrote:

> How can I get records from the Methodist Church in Halden?
> Ron

Ron - I'm assuming that you mean Halden in Ostfold Norway.
The LDS Catalog topic search for church records in Halden includes under
Church Records (Den Norske kirke) includes some listings labelled as
'dissentere'. I'm hoping that one or two of our real experts on the
Norway-List might be able to clarify if these MIGHT be records for
non-Lutheran denominations in that parish? The 'dissentere' listings
show only date periods for 189?-1906 and 192?-193? (I glanced quickly
making no notes...) The Mormons show enough of their own church members
in Halden to have a separate microfilm listing.

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