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From: "Viggo M. Fosse" <>
Subject: RE: NESTAAS / MATSON / SAVEE Look-up offer (Voss Parish)
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 16:04:18 +0100

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From: Stefanie Richardson <>
To: <>
Date: 4. mars 1999 17:24
Subject: Viggo's Look-up offer (Voss Parish)

>I have been searching for a copy of Knut Rene's book for my own.
Hopefully, you can tell me if it's worth my while.

As stated by others the book is OUT OF PRINT, and must be considered a
Collectors Item. There are few of them available, even in the libraries. If
you search the BIBSYS database ( ) you'll see what I

>My great-great Grandfather, Knut (Canute) Rognald Matson (Nestaas)
emigrated from Voss along with his parents in 1846. They settled in
Walworth County, Wisconsin. (I believe). Canute R. Matson served in the
U.S. Civil War
-- then became quite active in politics. Among the many positions he held
was Sheriff of Cook Co. (Chicago), Illinois.
His father's name was Rognald Nestaas.

I do not find a KNUT (Rognald Matson Nestaas/Nestos) emigrating in 1846,
e.g. in the Naeseth Vol2 (1996). Neither is there anyone listed in the RENE
book, as emigrating from the Nestås-farm with that name.

Your folks emigrated in 1849 from the OPKVITNE farm
ROGNALD MADSON OPKVITNE (>Rognald MATSON), b.1809 - parents: Mads Rognaldson
NESTAAS & Helga Knutsdatter nee:Hjørnevik.
Rognald Madson emigrated with his wife Gjertrud Jonsdatter
Dagestad/Opkvitne, and their 4 children: Mads, Ingeborg, Inger and Knut.
There's a CONSIDERABLE BIO (3 pages with much info) for this family, and
their children.
Will be translated, and sent OFF-LIST.

>From the Emigration Register for Hordaland I find these,
OTHER Rognaldson's/-datter's from NESTÅS farm:

Anna Rognaldsdatter Nestås b.1858 (emigr.1893)
Eirik Rognaldson Nestås b.1888 (emigr.1906)
Eli Rognaldsdatter Nestås b.1846 (emigr.1881)
Erik Rognaldson Nestås b.1853 (emigr.1881)
Halldor Rognaldson Nestås b.1854 (emigr.1875)
Ingebjørg Rognaldsdatter Nestås b.1852 (emigr.?)
Knut Rognaldson Nestås b.1866 (emigr.1883)
*Knut Rognaldson Nestås b.1845 (emigr.1875)
Lars Rognaldson Nestås b.1863 (emigr.1883)
Ole Rognaldson Nestås b.1847 (emigr.?)
Ole Rognaldson Nestås b.1865 (emigr.1881)
Ole Rognaldson Nestås b.? (emigr.?)
Ole Rognaldson Nestås b.1861 (emigr.1881)
Ragnhild Rognaldsdatter Nestås b.1850 (emigr.1875)
Rognald Andersson Nestås/NESTOS b.1877 (emigr.1893) -the Senator/Governor of
North Dakota
Rognald Rognaldson Nestås b.1877 (emigr.1893)

I am also searching for Voss emigrants with the Sæve (Savee) surname.

>From the Index:
SÆVE, Torbjørn Nilsson (>Thomas Savee; b.1852; emigr.1872)
SÆVE, Gulleik Nilsson (b.1847; emigr.1872)
SÆVE, Nils Torbjørnsen (b.1820; emigr.1872)
Great informative bio's on their ancestry and children, with lots of names
for all 3 of them.
(Will be translated and sent OFF-LIST, to avoid boring rest of gang).

I am eagerly awaiting your reply!
>Thanks again,
>Stefanie Matson

Best wishes,

My motto:
"Den største gleda du kan ha er å gjera andre glad"
(To make others happy is the greatest of all pleasures)

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