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From: "Keyqueen" <>
Subject: Re: Bakke, Vest-Agder
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 22:19:49 -0700


According to my records from the 1801 Census; Bakke is both a parish and
subparish in Lister AND Stavanger. Other subparishes of Bakke are Gyland
and Tonstad. Note that Tonstad also is divided into two parts, Lister and
Stavanger. I believe today Stavanger is now part of Rogaland.

Sansmark Øvre and Ydre are in Bakke, Stavanger in 1801. Birkeland is not so
simple; there are several - in Gyland, Bakke (subparish), Heggeboastad as
well as a Bircheland in Flekkefjord and a Birkeland in Lister.

I have a complete list of all the farms in Vest-Agder (and Stavanger) that
existed in the 1801 Census showing them alphabetically and which Amt and
Parish and Subparish they are in. It is in MSWord format and is about 40
something pages. You are welcome to a copy; I find it very useful for
tracking down farms of my ancestors.

I have a lot of ancestors from Tonstad as well as Bakke myself. I have not
as yet gotten to the Bakke and Gyland sections either; as well as needing to
get the Sirdal and neighboring area Bygdebokers myself.


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