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From: "Evonne Cain" <>
Subject: Marita/Mosta/Martha
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1999 17:32:56 -0800

Hello group,

I have been entering information into FTM this weekend and working on my
Haugen/Eråker families who came from Borgund, Lærdal, Sogn of Fjordane.

My g.g.grandfather, Ivar Olssen Haugen and g.g.g. Brita (Besta) Knudsdtr.
Eråker b. 1832 along with her two sisters, Anna Knudsdtr. b.1838 and Marita
Knutsdtr. b.1853 came to America in 1857.

The story is that Brita (Besta), age 25, asked her father if she could come
to America when she found out her boyfriend, Ivar, would be coming. Her
mother had died in 1853 (the same year that Marita (Mosta) was born). Her
father said that if she wanted to go she must take Mosta (Marita), who was
only two or three then, with her and to care for her. The other sister Anna
also making the trip with them. Brita took out her trunk her father had
made for her which said "Brita Knuts's datter Eråger" all in six inch

I have been told that Marita/Martha (Mosta), age 7, is mentioned in 1860
census as living under Anna (her sister) who married Ivar Håkonson in
Goodhue County in 1858. Brita took a homestead and married Ivar Haugen in
1862. From a family story, it says that she was living with Brita when she
married Ivar, but that is not documented. This is all the information I
have on the young sister, Mosta.

I do, however, have a copy of an old photo of a woman, husband and two small
children. It is identified as Besta's sister, giving her name as Mosta
Jacobson. It was taken by a company called Staley, Brizee Block,
Watertown, South Dakota.

Is anyone familiar with this name? Jacobson. Or, anything about Staley
photography in Watertown, S.Dakota.

Thank you. Evonne

Ps. The story written about g.g.grandmother Brita also says that when she
was older she would fantasize about talking to her father and regretted
leaving him alone in Norway. Sometimes she would bundle up her belongings
in shawls that she called "tulles". She would then go out in the cornfield
and hide.

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