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From: "Robert S. Helfer" <>
Subject: Re: Asa Ellingsdatter
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 11:35:43 -0600

Gary --

My grandmother who was named Åsa in Norway went by Anna in the US, but I don't
think there is any connection between the two names in Norway. You might try
searching for your Asa Ellingsdatter as Ase, Aasa, Aase, Aassa, Aasse, and a
number of other variations (just putting in As and Aas will let you see the
possibilities). Just quickly poking about I found --

Aase Ellingsdtr, 28, married to Tosten Larssen, on Oppedal, Ullensvang,
Kinzervig, Søndre Bergenhuus

There are a number of variations on Turi, too. You might try Tyri, Tyrie,
Tyrri, ... (just putting in Tyr will give you a pretty good list of
possibilities), Tore (sometimes a man's name, sometimes a woman's), Tori,
Torie, Torre, Torri, Tøri, Tørri, etc (just putting in Tor and Tør gives a
couple of fascinating lists of names). I found --

Tyri Andersdt, 28, unmarried, on Helle, Næss, Flechefiord, Lister
Tyri Andersdt, 19, unmarried, on Glendrange, Næss, Flechefiord, Lister
Tyri Andersdt, 14, unmarried, on Wee, Gierde Annex, Etne, Søndre Bergenhuus
Tøran Andersdtr, 20, unmarried, on Scarud, Wige, Nordrehoug, Buscherud

Whether any of these names are equivalent I don't know, but I wouldn't rely on
the census being absolutely accurate in the way people's names have been

Good luck,

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