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From: Otto Jørgensen< >
Subject: Re: Female pilots in Norway early 1900's
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 23:14:29 GMT

Tue, 16 Mar 1999 17:25:49 EST, wrote:

>Hi, I was wondering if there is any way of finding out about Norway female
>My mother told me that she had a female cousin in Norway who was a Navyextrix.
>My Grandmother had 3 brothers that stayed in Norway, in Nordland Fylke.
>Ole Edvard Mathisen had at least one daughter, Ester Mathisen b. 1897 in Mo i
>Nils Jakob Mathisen, I don't know about his children and he moved to Narvik.
>Gerhard Mathisen, I know he had at least one daughter but I don't know her
>My mother thinks she was flying somewhere around 1929-1934.
>It sure would be fun and interesting to learn more about her.

Could this be Gidsken Jakobsen, the first female pilot in the norther
Norway. received her license in 1929 and the same summer she was in
Helsingfors Finland and did have a military education for aeroplane
bases on see landing. and on friday 28 august 1929 she and her teacher
Jæderholm come across the mountain of Narvik.


She is related to my wife and I have some information about her parents
and other family member, I have only noticed she ha a brother and a
sister. I don't have the name of her mother, but on her father and his
ancestors I do have some back to 1662

She was first cousin once removed to Lars Altern, born on the 3rd July
1849 at Mo i Rana, Helgeland, Norway and died on the 7th December 1915
at Eshowe, Natal, South Africa. He was the government surveyor in Natal
and Zululand.
He emigrated to South Africa in 1882, passed the surveyor's
examination at Pietermaritzburg and was appointed government
surveyor. He had a natural aptitude for mathematics, becoming an
excellent surveyor and contributing significantly to improving the
maps of Zululand and northern Natal.
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