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From: Otto Jørgensen< >
Subject: Re: Female pilots in Norway early 1900's
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 22:07:10 GMT

Tue, 16 Mar 1999 17:25:49 EST, wrote:

>Hi, I was wondering if there is any way of finding out about Norway female
>My mother told me that she had a female cousin in Norway who was a Navyextrix.
>My Grandmother had 3 brothers that stayed in Norway, in Nordland Fylke.
>Ole Edvard Mathisen had at least one daughter, Ester Mathisen b. 1897 in Mo i
>Nils Jakob Mathisen, I don't know about his children and he moved to Narvik.
>Gerhard Mathisen, I know he had at least one daughter but I don't know her
>My mother thinks she was flying somewhere around 1929-1934.
>It sure would be fun and interesting to learn more about her.
>Thank you very much.
>Pat in Marysville, WA USA

Som information ?

Tellingsår: 1900
Kommune: Ankenes
Kommunenummer: 1855
Navn på bosted: Oskarsborg

Antall personer registrert på bostedet: 8.

Navn Familiestilling Sivilstand Yrke Fødselsår Fødested
Ole Mathisen hf g Jagteskipper egen forretng. 1862 Mo i Helgel.
Kristine Mathisen hm g Husmoder 1870 Mo i Helgel. Nor
Jakob Mathisen s ug Barn 1894 Mo i Helgel. Nor
Ester Mathisen d ug Barn 1897 Mo i Helgel. Nor
Ole Mathisen s ug Barn 02.05.1899 Mo i Helgel. Nor

Tellingsår: 1900
Kommune: Nord-Rana
Kommunenummer: 1833
Navn på bosted: Bjeldaanæs

Mathias Olsen hf g Gaardbr. Bygselmand 1843 Nord-Rana
Else Marie Olsen* hm g Gaardbrugerkone 1847 Nord-Rana
Ole Peder Mathiassen s ug Gaardsarbeide 1878 Nord-Rana
Bernhardine Mathiasdatter d ug Husholdningen Budeie 1880 Nord-Rana

Nils Jakob Mathiassen s ug Gaardsarbeide 1882 Nord-Rana
Anders Kristian Mathiassen s ug Gaardsarbeide 1884 Nord-Rana
Meikal Mathiassen s ug Gjætergut 1886 Nord-Rana
Olava Marie Mathiasdatter d ug Datter 1888 Nord-Rana
Mathea Elise Mathiasdatter d ug Datter 1890 Nord-Rana
Lars Jørgen Mathiassen s ug Søn 1893 Nord-Rana
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