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> Is there anyone on the list that know anoyone that are related to
> Gilbertson; Alma born in 1903 and married to Kenneth Meinsnest. They lived
> near the Washington Lake near by Seattle and had on stepchild. Both Alma
> and Kenneth is dead noe, and I dont know what their stepchild were named.
> Alma was daughter og Aase Knutsdotter Medhus and Søren Gilbertson.
> Also in WA. I hope there is someone with the name Amberson who is related
> to the sister of Ase, Gro Medhus, born 1866 andmarried to Ambros Amberson
> from Heddal Telemark in 1885. They had 3 children, Ida born 18.8. 1888 and
> married to William T. KJelland and they lived in Everett, WA.
> The had 3 children
> * William born 1910 married to Rubye Newmann and lived in Sacramento, Cal
> * Milton Kjelland born 1911 and marreid to Eileen Schroeder and lived in
> Everett with t2 children, Kenny and Marylyn.
> * Marion K Kjelland, born 1920 and she worked in First National Bank in
> Everett
> 2. Anne B Amberson married to Peter Peterson and lived in Arlington, Wa
> with 2 children
> *Nono
> *Delpert
> 3. Adolf Carl Amberson born 1895 married to Anna Marie Hollendae,
> lumberyardsalesmen in Everett, Wa, 5 children.
> * Charles Marion Amberson, born 1920 m. to Estellen Blanken, 1 child lived
> in Seattle
> *Edvard Francis Amberson born 1924, m to Doris Lou Rogen, lived in Everett,
> 4 children
> *Robert Carl Amberson m to Agnes Hardahl, 3 children
> *Margret Ann m to Donald Rigby, 5 children
> *Sandra born ??? used to play piano and sing!
> Any bell ringing for someone?
> I would surley be happy if someone could pick up something for me:
> Greetings from Knut Medhus, Hol Hallingdal Norway
M.K Kjelland lives at 526-105 th SW, Everett,Washington 98204
phone 1-425-353-3296

Robert C. Amberson lives at 12415 Williams Rd, Lake Stevens, Washington 98258
phone 1 425-334-5255

Hope this helps. I will call these people and let you know you are searching
for them if you like.
If you have any questions you need answered please send me a list and I will
try to help from this end
Happy hunting
My people come from Hallingdal too.

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