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From: Knut Hildal <>
Subject: Re: Knutson/Knutzon's in Norway
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 14:02:48 +0100

Hello again!

It is real treat to look up in the books, as we have two different for the
Hardanger district, the "Ættarbok" by Aamund K Bu (Bu) made in the 30's and
"Bygdebok for Odda, Ullensvang and Kinsarvik" (Bb) by Olav Kolltveit (OK) from
the 60's. I will use the abbr. in the brakets to indicate what book which is
the source for my information.

Karol Wiekamp wrote:

> Knut,
> I have only a bit of information about Britha/Brita. I have information
> that has not been confirmed.
> Britha/Brita (which is it in the bydebok??) EITREIM (or EITRHEIM) b. 1857
> Hjella, NOR, daughter of Kristofer Eitreim (b. 1818 in Hjella).

The farm name is now spelled Hjøllo, in Bu it is spelled Hjødlo, like the
pronounce is in the Hardanger dialect. Kristofer was born at Hjøllo.

OK writes in Bb part 3 II page 350 that Kristofer got leasecontract of "plass
I (Gurines)" under Eitrheim farm 4 ("bruk 4") on April 18 1854. His children
is born here and he died here in 1893. His wife was Anna Jørgensdotter Tokheim
(1825-1888). Brita is the spelling used in both books. OK writes that Brita
died in 1913 and that the marriage took place in 1896. Jon had several
siblings who went to the USA: Ivar, Guro, Ola, Angunna and Jakob. He states
that Jakob was a farmer in Baltic, SD. OK tells that also Brita's sister Anna
emigrated in 1881. Probably they travelled together. Daniel, a son of their
brother emigrated early in this century (sold his farm in 1906) and became a
farmer in the USA.

> Britha
> died in Thor, Humboldt Co., Iowa. She married Knute KNUTSON 2 Feb 1882 in
> Thor, Iowa, son of Helge KNUTSON and Ingebor OLSDATTER. Britha also
> married a John O. Hildahl aft. 1894 (a coincidence????)
> I don't know any information about John. Could he be a relation of
> yours???

John is real treat here. OK says in Bb part 3 II page 226 that his parents
lived at Oppheim(Bygda) plass I under farm 2. His father was Ola Ivarson
Bustetun (1811-?) and Anna Knutsdotter Hildal (1817-?, married 1839, his 2nd
wife. Yhere were no living children in his first marriage (to Guro Olsdotter
Øvre Børve, 1805-1835,m. 1835). In Norway John is spelled Jon. He was born in
1854, and according to common practice his lastname would have been Oppheim
(or Opheim).

Bu place the family at Hildal (In this book is not the subfarms and
husmansplass indicated, only the main farm and a reference number, very easy
to track the family). So from this his name in Norway is as he used in the
USA: Jon Olson Hildal. His mother Anna is sister of my greatgreatgrandmother
Åsa Knutsdotter Hildal.

Best regards

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