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From: "Arthur J. Burch" <>
Subject: Re: Knutson/Knutzon's in Norway
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 12:29:49 -0800

Please excuse my interruption, but am wondering whether my KNUTSEN's
might be of this family. My information, however, doesn't begin until
1909 in Stavanger, Norway.
Information I have on deceased family includes:
Hannah Elisabeth KNUTSEN, born Sept. 10, 1909 - died May 9, 1994
(lived her life in Stavanger)
Sigvart Magnus KNUTSEN, born Nov.13, 1918 - died Aug. 19, 1971 (lived
his life in Stavanger)
John Harald KNUTSEN, born Aug.24, 1946 - died Nov. 3, 1998 (lived his
life in Stavanger)
Hannah and Sigvart both married my JOHANNESSEN ancestors. John was a
son of Sigvart, and named for my grandfather Johan Gerhard
JOHANNESSEN, born July 23, 1899 in Bergen.

I am relatively new to Norwegian research, and don't know where
Hardanger, Hjella, or Hildal are located. Might these places be near
Stavanger ?? I would be grateful for any information.

Tusen Takk.

Arthur J. Burch -- Cincinnati, Ohio

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From: Knut Hildal <>
To: <>
Date: Sunday, March 21, 1999 6:10 AM
Subject: Re: Knutson/Knutzon's in Norway

Hello again!
Karol Wiekamp wrote:

> Knut,
> I have only a bit of information about Britha/Brita. I have
> that has not been confirmed.
> Britha/Brita (which is it in the bydebok??) EITREIM (or EITRHEIM) b.
> Hjella, NOR, daughter of Kristofer Eitreim (b. 1818 in Hjella).

The farm name is now spelled Hjøllo, in Bu it is spelled Hjødlo, like
pronounce is in the Hardanger dialect. Kristofer was born at Hjøllo.

> Britha died in Thor, Humboldt Co., Iowa. She married Knute KNUTSON
> 2 Feb 1882 in Thor, Iowa, son of Helge KNUTSON and Ingebor
> Britha also married a John O. Hildahl aft. 1894 (a coincidence????)
> I don't know any information about John. Could he be a relation of
John is real treat here. OK says in Bb part 3 II page 226 that his
lived at Oppheim(Bygda) plass I under farm 2. His father was Ola
Bustetun (1811-?) and Anna Knutsdotter Hildal (1817-?, married 1839,
his 2nd
wife. Yhere were no living children in his first marriage (to Guro
Øvre Børve, 1805-1835,m. 1835). In Norway John is spelled Jon. He was
born in
1854, and according to common practice his lastname would have been
(or Opheim).

Best regards

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