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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 14:29:07 -0800

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>>Is there anyone on the list that know anoyone that are related to
>>Gilbertson; Alma born in 1903 and married to Kenneth Meinsnest. They
>>lived near the Washington Lake near by Seattle and had one stepchild.
>>Both Alma and Kenneth are dead noe, and I dont know what their stepchild
>>were named.

>>Alma was daughter og Aase Knutsdotter Medhus and Soren Gilbertson.
> Knut Medhus
Sarah Little Answers:
>Kenneth Meisnest died in Seattle in May of 1975. His widow, Alma died a
>couple of years ago, March 15 1997. She was 94 and remarkably, she gave a
>wonderful gift to education in Washington in the amount of $10 million
>dollars. Remarkably, in that her estate came from wise investing over the
>years and neither she nor her husband came from affluence. She gave $2.5
>million each to Seattle Pacific Univ., Whitman College, Pacific Lutheran
>Univ. and the Univ. of Puget Sound. Alma was a retired school teacher in
>Kirkland. A truly unselfish couple whose legacy will live on in the
>endowments of these universities! Sincerely, Sarah Thorson Little

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