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From: John Follesdal <>
Subject: RE: Mundal,Hillestead
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 12:38:10 +0800

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> Hi Listers:
> I have been looking over info given to me by John and Viggo
> in the past
> few days. I have been trying to translate some words and would
> appreciate some help on a few:
> Billett

> Linje
Line - as in Shipping Line

> Inderst 200
A lodger. It could be a newly-wedded couple waiting to get their
own place, a person who moved from place to place living of some craft
(shoemaker, tailor, etc.), a seasonal worker on a farm, or a very poor, sick
or old person.

> Kroner
The Norwegian currency

> I would also like to know what the first 3 columns are in
> this database
> from
> Digitalarkivet are referring to.

År = Year
Nr = Number - i.e., the consecutive numbers running down the page of the
list of emigrants in the original handwritten log book. On the particular
page you have it shows numbers 425, 426, 427 and so on.
Dato = date (Keep in mind that Norwegians write date "backwards" - 12/4 is
12 April not December 4. (Of course the Norwegians say that we are the
one's who write dates backwards)

John Follesdal

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