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From: "Keyqueen" <>
Subject: Re: Vanse parish, Farsund kommune, Vest-Agder fylke, Norway
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 22:10:52 -0700

>Anyone working on Vanse parish, Farsund kommune, Vest-Agder fylke,
>Norway? I would like to share information while I have the microfilm for
>the Kirkeboker. Does anyone have any electronic resources for this

You could not have asked this question at a more fortunate time; after two
years I have finally pinned down who my Father's Mother's people are:

My Grandmother was Bendikte Pauline Johansdtr. and she was born in 1875. I
found her last night on the 1900 Census residing on the Torp farm in Vanse,
Gardsnr. 10 Bruksnr. 17 with her first daughter, Julia Annette Reppen and
her father, a Johan Gabriel Jakobsen who was was born in 1842 at Torp.
Unfortunately, her father is listed as a widower so I do not have the name
of her mother as yet.

I knew her as Grandma Johnson, and it is almost ironic to note that her
"maiden name" was so close to her "married name", as she married my
Grandfather (date unknown but I suspect around 1895) T√łnnes Gabriel
Johannessen Reppen. (Her father, curiously enough, also has Gabriel as his
middle name). She emigrated to NYC in 1904.

Any information you are willing or able to provide regarding my
Grandmother's family would be very appreciated. Julia, her daughter, was
born on October 19, 1896.

So I now finally have the fourth branch of my family; all four branches are
from Vest-Agder through both of my parents.

Since Grandma Johnson seems to have been born later in her father's life, I
now hold the hope that there are still living relatives to be found on my
father's side too...

Ellen Marie Johnson/Johannessen

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