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Subject: Fw: Blichfeldt genealogy
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 20:53:32 -0800

>Yes there is a Blichfeldt genealogy. My cousin and I have been working on it for
>about 15 years. We were proud of the Blichfeldt name. They say that the
>west coast of Norway was influenced by the Blichfeldt line. Until the late 1800's
>every family of Blichfeldts sent their boys to be ministers. They began in
>Denmark with Christen Ottosen Blichfeldt being the state minister to the
>Ling of Denmarks church. His vestments are still in the museum in Copenhagen.
>>From there they emigrated to Norway where Bergen was the next stop. The
>next minister was the Bishop of the Domkirkie. Then there was a man named
>Egil Krogh whose mother was Cecelia Blichfeldt. He was Bishop of Nidaros
>Cathedral. There are also many other towns that had Blichfeldt ministers
>on the west coast of Norway. I think that I have the complete Blichfeldt
>genealogy. It consists of 1930 individuals and 450 families, who are located
>in Denmark, Norway, England, United states and Hungary. It is an extremely
>interesting genealogy. I don't know where the handwritten copy of the genealogy
>that appears in Salt Lake came from. The complete genealogy was only com-
>pleted in 1998. This genealogy only goes to the end of the 1800's. I have to
>enter all the new children and my brothers and sisters and their children into
>it, so it will become larger
>If you want a complete genealogy of the Blichfeldts I will send it to you.
>I imagine that it will cost about $20.00 to copy it and about $5.00 to mail it.
>If you would like a copy of it let meknow.
>Bob Evenson--Rt.3 Box 139A, Hayden Lake, Idaho...83835

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