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Subject: First Lutheran of Logan Square
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 09:33:57 EST

" A Brief History of First Lutheran
November 15, 1913
The formal action towards union between St. Matthew's and Covenant
parishes of Logan Square originated July 21st, 1913. Various steps in this
direction had already been taken at that time. A joint committee of five men
representing each parish met regularly and discussed all matters involved.
The basis of union they prepared was found acceptable in all particulars. The
Church Council of the Norwegian Synod and the officers of the United Norwegian
Church gave their sanction. The two parishes merged in one, under the name
First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Logan Square, with the unusual
circumstance that the final vote in every case in committee, as in
congregational meetings, has been unanimous. The two congregations tofinal
axrion November 3rd, and the union became effective legally November 15, 1913.

Rev. Lewis Moe, M.A. Unseth, A. Mortrud, P.J. Hoffstad, C. Grotness
Rev. C.O. Solberg, S.O. Samuelsen, P.S.Olson, L.B. Johnson, P.J.Jourgenson
Alternate: C. Bauer

The preceding entry in the official records marks the birth fifty years
ago that First Lutheran Church is celebrating this year, 1963.

The Rev. Lewis Moe, who was called to serve the merged congregation,
served as its shepherd and driving force for 35 years. Hehad his academic
training at Windom Insitute at Willmar, Minnesota, and received his BA degree
from Luther Collee at Decorah, Iowa. His preparation for the ministry was at
Luther Theological Seminary, St. Paul, MN. Shortly after June 28, 1907, when
ordained, he was a home mission paster at Akely in Northern Minnesota. On
July 10, 1910, he was installed as pastor of St. Matthew's and then as noted
became pastor of First Lutheran in 1913. The congregation continued to use
the sanctuary built by Covenant Lutheran on the corner of Fullerton Avenue and
St.Louis (the Ballou Street), which is still the congregation's house of
worship. The mortgage was burned at the 30th Anniversary in 1939.
As early as 1918 use of the Norwegian language for services was
discontinued, though a contemplated merger with St. James Lutheran."

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