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From: <>
Subject: Ole and Lena for Lou
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 13:53:17 -0800

Please send myself or Lou your favorite Ole and Lenas jokes for future posting
<> Lou Halsan
Karla Halsan Mattila

A sign posted in Oles coffee shop in Milnor, North Dakota
"Don't complain about the Coffee"
"You may be Old and Weak someday yerself"

Ole and Lena lived way out in the woods by Whapton,Nd
seldom came into town. Finally when the snow went out, the Norwegian and his wife went to
Fargo. They spent nearly two hours watching a microwave oven.
Finally Ole sez "Come on, Lena." "If this is vat television is like, dey can have it!:

Sven vas an incurable optimist. No matter what horrible event people
would tell him about, Sven would invariably say "Vell, it cud be verse"
One day his cronies told Sven about the terrible tragedy where Ole Olsson was
killed by Ole Johnson after he was caught foolin with his wife, Lena.
"Vell" said Sven, "it could a been verse". "Vorse?" said the cronies, "How could it have
been Vorse than being dead?" "Vell" said Sven, " If it had been the night before,It could a been Me!"

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