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From: Knut Hildal <>
Subject: Re: Hjelmoe Farm in Sondre Bergenhuus
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 12:43:48 +0200

This IS what now is Eidfjord kommune. Bu's "Ættarbok for Øydfjord" covers this,
and I will do a look up for you. Bu speel the farm name Gjølmo, today vi spell
it Hjølmo.

There is one Sjur Mekjellson (ref no 119 d) married in 1791 and have 9 children.
So I believe this is the man and the place.


Ed and Melody Deocampo wrote:

> Knut:
> I am sorry for not responding to your previous query of Thursday last as I
> was married that night and somehow missed seeing your posting. :) I
> originally posted looking for someone who knew the name " Sjur Mikkelsson"
> and then posted the second time asking for anyone who knew the farm name
> "Hjelmoe Farm". I thought that might bring in different people answering my
> query because not all people on the loop look in the body of the message if
> the subject is not of their interest. So in answer to your post I didn't
> post twice :)
> Now then, back to your question you posted on my wedding night :) I don't
> know if that is the current spelling. I just got that off the 1801 census.
> It says County = Sondre Bergenhuus, Parish = Graven, Subparish = Ejdfjords
> Annex, Farm= Hjelmoe. I assume it is close to Etne as Sjur's daughter
> married my ancestor who lived there. Does that help any? I really don't
> know anything about current day Norway as I have just started researching my
> roots there.
> Melody
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