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From: "Odd Braathun" <>
Subject: SV: Herredagsdom and Brattebø
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 17:32:05 +0200

Hi Jim,
Herredagsdom comes from Herredag. Herredag was the regular meeting of the Danish "Riksråd" lead by
the king.
In Norway a Herredag was an administrative meeting by the king's commissaries, often with representatives from the Danish "Riksråd". They also acted as a court - a kind of "High Court" I would guess.

I have a Ingeborg Bråtun (1730-1770) married to Samson Larsson Brattabø (1690-1752).
Some difference in age, huh ?


>I am trying to figure out what a "herredagsdom" is. In the Einar Haigen
>dictionary, "herred" means township, and I am guessing that "dagsdom" is a
>diary or minutes of the town council. In addition, I am trying to find out
>information about the Brattebø Ætt (family) from Vik i Jondal in Hordaland.
>One of the sons of my ancestor, Lars (Laurits) Børjeson Brattebø, is listed as
>"Brattebøkongen," and they appear on the Losnaætti, although based on my

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