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From: "Gene Nygaard" <>
Subject: Re: Same first names
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 11:47:02 -0600


That was common in some areas, I know for sure in northern Ă˜sterdalen
in Hedmark where I have family. I have many, many cases of "den
yngre" and "den eldre" in the same family--I've even descended from
two brothers both named Esten Jonsen Hodalen.

Another possibility in your case is that these Annes had different
second given names, and one or the other was known by that name, or

Gene Nygaard
Crosby, ND, USA

>Dear List,
>I know this question was asked recently, but I have not seen any
comments or
>Why would their be two children in a family with the same first name
>neither child had died? I find two Anne Stenersdtr, one age 10, and
one age
>7, in my family in the 1801 census. Suggestions?
>- Nanci

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