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From: "Elin Galtung Lihaug" <>
Subject: Re: tingprovet
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 15:01:50 +0200

Hi Debbie,

"From the evidence at court (11 July 1730) we see...."


Debbie wrote:

>What is "tingprovet" as in the following: "Av tingprovet (11/7 1730)
>ser vi, at eirik m. a. hadde ftt ydelagt ei timbra stove med
>kove og skot p beggje sidor, ei timbra bud med loft ovanp
>og skot p beggje sidor og eit bthus og eldhus av stavverk." The fraction
>in the brackets was in very tiny numerals and I would be interested to know
>what the meaning of that might be as well. Thanks folks.
>Debbie Haughland Chan

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