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From: "Børge A. Bomark" <>
Subject: Amerikabåten (Emigrantvalsen). +- sound.
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 22:55:02 +0200

Hello to all.

First of all tnx to pixers for interesting pictures with info.

I was on the point of sending these words only to members of the club for
for pix- and scanners. But as this offer might interest others too, I send it
in this way. Forgive me if I sound a little pseudo-private, but it is about a
a young Norwegian emigrant, that could have been one of your ancestors
and whom I learnt to know at a very early age, but lost the track of, till re-
cently. I learnt to know him from a mother that could both tell the story and
sing about the young emigrant leaving "gamlelandet", the "old country".
Thanks to a well known NRK-man, Lodin Aukland, I have met him again,
and if "Amerikabåten" or "Emigrantvalsen" makes a bell ring, you will now
have the chance of asking for either alt. 1) The text (norw.) of two verses +
refrain without the soundfile of the refrain or alt. 2) The text of two verses
+ refrain with the soundfile attached. You will then be able to look at the text
while listening to the music and the words sung by Jens Book Jensen, who
by the way, left us a couple of days ago at the age of 88. - I'm new in the "pix
and scan" and can't tell you how many kB the refrain requires, but it lasts for
31 seconds when listening to it . Just answer alt.1) or alt.2). It would facilitate
my mailing-off if you as a pixer could add "I'm a pixer" or "no pixer".Thank you.
Ha en fortsatt god påske!

Hilsen Börge, Stavanger.

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