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From: Susan Lafo <>
Subject: Song
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 14:07:57 -0800

Hi listers,
My grandfather used to sing a song to me that he said was Norwegian in
origin. I haven't had any luck in finding words or music. Maybe someone
on the list recognizes it. These are a few of the words that I remember
(he sang it in English):
There was an old woman who lived in the moon,
she made a rice pudding and cut it too soon;
It was not done, she gave it a throw,
it fell to our planet and we call it snow.

He also had a nickname for me, the problem is, he said it in Norwegian and
never would translate it for me. Maybe someone can read this phonetic
spelling (the best I can do) and see if it "sounds" familiar:

yite-a-boka or yite-a-boga????

Thanks for any help.


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