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Subject: Re: Gjerstad, Sondeled, Vegaarshei, etc. (but not Risor)- MORE
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 16:00:06 EST

This is related to the last message. And, yes, we have do (way-far-back)
VEGAARSHEI Bygdebok - re: Slekts
p.243 1. GAUTE I Vaerland b. ca 1440 m. INGEBJORG BJØRVATN & Takseraas.
Owner of whole Vaerlands "goods" (?also? Vieli, Skjerkholt, 1 hud in Lunde,
Holt & Bjørvatn & Takseraas -- he owned a lot of land!!)

2.a. LARS GAUTESON - I believe it says he was killed by Kjetil Anundson in
1505; he m. a STEINSDTR., Vestre Nes. <<I have this same line, plus another
through a different son Tallak Gauetson>>

p.244 3.a. STEIN LARSEN b. ca 1500 - "ukjent gifte" (unknown marriage?)

p.245 4.a. a STEINSDTR. VAERLAND, m. TORJUS TORMODSON Brokeland (Gjerstad).
(Lindstols Stamtavler says he killed a man in Lunde, Telemark!!)

5. TORE TORJUSSEN Brokeland, man of good standing, lensmann in last half of
1500's, named lensmann in 1585.

6. TORJUS TORESON Brokeland, was d. by 1645.

7. STEIN TORJUSSEN Brokeland, b. 1619, was d. 1679, m. ALIS KJETILSDTR.
Haugen. <<my "line" that runs the same as yours #1through # 6 changes here
to another son, Jorgen Torjussen who m. Helge Kjetilsdtr., ovre Haugen,

8. TORJUS I STEINSEN Brokeland Vaerland b. ca 1648, m. #1 Rannei
Tallaksdtr., Aas; m. #2 Tore Kristensdtr.

9.a. EILEV TORJUSSEN, Brokeland Vaerland b. 1670, d. 1742 (at 72) m. KJERSTI
OLSDTR. Ljøstad b. 1670 d. 1744 (at 70).

10.e. RANNEI EILEVSDTR. m. JON HAAVORSEN Moland, Sondeled (this corresponds
to what I sent last)

The Slekt for 9.a. above KJERSTI OLSDTR. follows:- LJØSTAD (me, too!!)

p.10 s. JORGEN I TORVILDSEN Ljøstad b. ca 1400-1420


3. JORGEN II GUNNARSEN Ljøstad b. ca 1460-1475, m. a dtr of AASULD VAAJE.

4.a. TORVILD JORGENSEN Ljøstad b. ca. 1500 d. 1581, m. GRO OLAVSDTR. d. 1590
(at 90), dtr of OLAV d.e. Grimsland.

5.a. ANDERS TORVILDSEN Ljøstad b. 1524 d. 1629 (105 years old!!) m.
INGEBORG/INGEBJØRG TORBJØRNSDTR. Roaldstad (the old name for Vraalstad,
Drangedal ***she's from HALVOR GRAATOPP, DRANGEDAL)

6.a. AASULD ANDERSEN Ljøstad d. 1609 m. INGE RISE, Øyestad (she m. #2
Kristoffer Amundsen, Mesel, Gjerstad)

7.a. INGRID AASULDSDTR Ljøstad m. ERIK OLSEN Gryting Ljøstad, lived at
Grytting til after 1624. <<<I have 3 lines with a daughter Inge Eriksdtr.,
who m. Ola Jensen, Lauve.>>>

p.12 - 8.a. OLA(V) den I ERIKSEN Ljøstad b. 1633 m. #1 Kjersti Andersdtr.,
Lauve, probate 1671; m. #2 SIGNE NILSDTR., Risland, Aamli, b. 1676, d. 1730
(they had 6 children)

<<<I have another line, with "9.h. Nils Olsen, Moen, Sondeled, m. Anne
Andersdtr Moen, Sondeled>>>

CONCLUSION: If you can trace people back far enough, descendants from the
same areas tend to be related somehow!!!!

After finding all the above in Vegaarshei --and there's more yet to be
found--I would suggest you obtain a copy of each of the Vegaarshei books as
well. (Rent, then previously mentioned; or, if you can find
them!!!!, you could always buy copies.) Then, on a cold winter's night, when
you have nothing else to do, you could work on translating to
English...especially Vegaarshei i Eldre Tid. There's a bunch of juicy
stories in there, I'm thinking....I did work on a few of them, so far, but
there's lots more.
Plus, you may want to get the Gjerstad, when you get around
to it, you'll be able to keep yourself VERY busy! Enjoy!!
Barbara in FLA

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