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From: Hans Myhre <>
Subject: Re: "Ten thousand Swedes lay dead in the weeds......"
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 23:42:40 +0200
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> << Does anyone know the origin and full version of this song? >>
> This topic has been discussed sooooo many times on this list, I would suggest
> you go to the list archives and check it out.

Yes, here it is:Ten thousand Sweedes run through the Weedes
Chased by One Norwegian
Ten thousand more run to the shore
In the battle of Copenhagen

Way, way back in history
Back when the world was new
Norwegians searched all over
To find some snoose to chew

They fished for Lutefish and Torsk
It helped to make them strong
And you and me, we know a Norsk
Cannot do nothing wrong

But Sweedes and Danes were ancious
Of Viking trips and raids
The Viking shield and helmet horns
Made all those folks afraid

Throughout the world the Vikings sailed
To Ireland and France
They even found America
One afternoon by chance

My Grandpa says, and he should know,
The Sweedes made up their minds
To beat the Norsky Vikings
And kick a few "behind"

But history, so my grandpa says,
Shows taht the Norskies won
They clobbered all the Sweedes and Danes
And made it lots of fun

The Thousand Sweedes run throught the Weedes
Chased by One Norwegian
The dust from the weedes made snoose for the Sweedes
And they called it Copenhagen

Hans Myhre

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