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From: "Ingrid" <>
Subject: SV: Norge 1945 silverware translation
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 19:13:47 +0200
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Haakon has translated the inscription, I agree with him:
"Brutt blev lenker, bnd og tvang" - broken were chains, ties, and tyranny

In an old patriotic song ("For Norge kjempers fdeland" - For Norway, native
land of the giants) there is a line something like "- dog vkner vi vel opp
en gang og bryter lenker, bnd og tvang". This says " - but we will awake
some time and break chains, ties, and tyranny". Very patriotic and very
appropriate in the years after WW2.

The date 2-4-1947 is the second of April in this part of the world. Probably
an anniversary date of some kind.

Just want to add that silverware with the 830S is what we call "ekte slv" -
pure silver. It is a metal alloy that contains 830 / 1000 of silver.You can
also find silver jewellery that is marked 925S, but for spoons and such
things 830S is the best. You can polish the spoon to bring out the beauty of
the metal. A silver plate spoon is made from another metal and has a thin
coat of silver which may rub off in use. Those things are often marked "40"
or "60" , which says something about the silver coating.

Hope this helps you!


----- Opprinnelig melding -----

> crown inside. The center of the spoon says "NORGE 1945" and an inscription
> the Norwegian (I think) language; "Brutt Blgu Lenker Band Og Tuang"
> On the back of the handle there is a number "830 S or 5" I think it's
> but tarnishes like silver plate. the 830 could be the silver content out
> 1000. At the top of the handle on the back is engraved "TIL BENDA FRA
> 2-4-1947"" which I believe means "To Benda from Hildur 2-4-1947".

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