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From: George Oleson <>
Subject: Venjum --Hafslo bygdebok lookup, please
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 00:44:03 -0600

Hi, List,

I have an ancestor, Kari Erichsdatter, born around 1714 at Venjum,
married Ivar Larsson from Tang 13 Nov 1735, died 24 Jan 1800 at Tang.

There is nothing in the digitalarkivet parish records on her parents, but
in the 1701 census I find: Erich "Tostensen", 4 years old at "Wengum",
with his father "Tosten" Erichsen, 36 years old, a farmer listed as
resident on the second farm unit enumerated at "Wengum".

Question 1: do I have Kari's father and grandfather correctly located?

Question 2: several other Venjum residents are reported in various
databases who appear in my lineage during the same period, e.g. Erich
Lasseson, Ivar Lasseson, and their father Lasse Torsteinsson, born 1606.
Are the Erich and Tosten mentioned in the census related to those just

Thanks for any help you can give.

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