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Subject: Re: Seljord, Telemark (was: Need help please)
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 17:03:43 EDT

Sorry, gang, but I have Seljord charted up to 1814 only. You might note
that there's a possible Vetle Knutson in the Scandinavian Vital Records
Index, born 7 March 1841 in Seljord to a Knut Vetleson & Anne Aanundsdtr.

Looks like I'll be beginning to do more of Seljord in the near future. I
plan on ordering the film that covers Aamotsdal & Flatdal 1815-1831 either
later today or one day next week. But right now I'm building a database for
Vinje up to 1814.

And, thanks Odd, I'd have completely missed this one if you hadn't changed
the subject line. So, listers, please include your parish and county in your

Mary Farrell, who seems to be charting most of upper Telemark. And it all
began because the Laardal bygdebok is so VERY BAD.

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