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From: "Jeff Jordan" <>
Subject: Re: Rosemaled borders
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 15:43:42 -0500
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Marilyn & list,

I have searched everywhere I can think of for the same thing. I had no luck
except with the Scandinavian Marketplace. I finally had to order what they
had & it is very pretty, but I agree, very wide. I called to talk to the
owner of the Scandinavian Marketplace & he told me he hired this person to
Rosemal this wallpaper border print for him. Then he had it made into
wallpaper border for resale. The really bad thing about it is it is VERY
expensive & it isn't already pre-pasted. It was kind of a pain (would have
been better had it been pre-pasted).

If anyone out there can rosemal & would like to earn some money, it may be
beneficial to contact some of the Scandinavian stores (that sell
Scandinavian products) & ask them if they would be willing to hire you to
create a border, then market it through their stores. I've heard many
people want a rosemaled wallpaper border, but only the Scandinavian Market
place carries them (they have two different designs). I would think someone
could potentially make a lot of money doing this.

Just a thought...

Cammie Jordan

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Subject: Rosemaled borders

> Dear Listers,
> I wonder if you know of any sources for wallpaper border with a
> rosemaled design on it. I do know that Scandinavian Marketplace in
> Hastings, MN has some, but it is a little too wide for where I want to
> use it. I would like some about 6" wide, as I want to repaint my kitchen
> this summer and put up new border. Mange takk!
> Hilsen,
> Marilyn H-H Yoder
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