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From: "Mike K. Nelson" <>
Subject: Raspeballer Recipe
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 20:16:44 -0600

Raspeballer is a traditional Norwegian dish known as a Norwegian potato ball. This potato ball goes by many names; Komle, Potetball, Kumle, Klumpe, Boller, Raspekaker, Raspeballer, but basically are the same.

In the center of each Raspeballer there is usually a piece of smoked meat, however, true Raspeballer -eaters prefer the pure potato balls.

On the second day Raspeballer can be sliced and fried. And for some, this is considered the best way to eat them.

Recipe 1

1 liter grated potatoes
1-2 tsp. Salt
approx. 3 dl barley flour

Mix ingredients to an even and firm dough. Form the balls with a spoon. Cook them for about 1/2 hour in boiling salted water, until they are cooked through. The potato balls can be warmed up by frying them in a frying pan with butter or fat.

Recipe 2

3 kilo raw potatoes
1 cooked potato
1/2 tsp. Salt
approximately 6 dl wheat or barley flour or a mixture of the two

Peel and grate the potatoes. Add the salt and flour, mix well. Form into fist size balls. If wish place a small piece of salted meat in the center of the balls. Add the balls to a boiling meat kraft. Simmer for about 3/4 hour, or until done. The meat kraft can be used as soup. Rutabaga and timian can be added towards the end of the cooking time. A little bit of milk can be added to the milk, to lighten it, if desired.

Recipe 3

2-3 boiled potatoes
2 rusks
1 egg
a little sugar
1 tlb. Melted butter
1 tlb. Flour

Use similar to dumplings. Mash potatoes, crumble and add the rusks, egg, sugar, melted butter and flour. Mix well. Form balls with a spoon and add to boiling soup.

Mike Nelson

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