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From: Shirley D Polson <>
Subject: Ha Ha song
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 18:31:49 -0800

Huggin and a Chalkin is not the Ha Ha song.

I gotta gal who is mighty sweet - Big blue eyes and tiny feet.
Her name is Rosabell Mesquite and she tips the scales at 303

Oh, gee, but ain't it grand to have a gal so big and fat
that when you go to hug her, you don't know where your at
You have to take a piece of chalk in your hand, and hug a bit
and chalk a mark to see where you began.
One day, I was a huggin and a chalkin and a chalkin and a huggin away---
When I met another fellow with some chalk in his hand -
a comin' around the other way, over the mountain, a comin' around the
other way

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