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From: "Al Askevold" <>
Subject: Vestfold, Horten
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 16:22:27 -0600


I am again working on a "brick wall" of my own. My gr. grandmother Anna
Tommesen. All I had to start with was "from Horten" Jon Erik from Horten
helped last year with some parish records, are you on the list Jon? I will
use some information Jon sent me from last year.

-from my records-

Anna Tommesen, b 27 Dec 1851 Horten, d 26 Jun 1901
m. 9 Mar 1876 Knut Knutsen Rokne, b 1851 Voss.

I have found Anna Rokne in the 1900 census for Bergen and Anna Thommasen age
15 in the 1865 census for 0703 Horten This is all I could find on her. Jon
Erik from Horten helped with some parish record information from Horten and
Borre and this was a hard search there.

from Jon (thank you)
Anne Thommasen Housewife Widow 46 Skeen (= Skien town , Telemark county -
about 90 km's south/southwest of Horten). 1.Ingeborg Vilhelmine 18 = born
1202/bapt. 1903 1848 on Baggerød (in Borre). One of the witnesses listed =
Ole Thomasen (he could be the one listed age 37 in Ramnes parish
(25km's west of Horten) in the 1865 census.
2.Anne 15 = born 2712 1851/bapt.0102 1852 on Steinsnes u/Eik (in Borre).
Confirmed 1867 in Horten.
3.Thomas 12 = born 1510 1854/bapt.0402 1855 in Horten. One witness may be
Ida Thomasdatter or Tønnesdatter.
4.Anders 5 = (twin - the other was stillborn) born 1212 1860/bapt.2403 1861
on nordre Braarød (in Horten).
5.Henriette Augusta 3 = born 0208/bapt.0609 1863 . One of th witnesses was
Ingeborg Thomassen = her sister (?).

Anne Thommassen's last name was originally Andersdatter (daugther of
Anders). Her husband was Johan Thomassen.
They are not listed as moving into Borre parish prior to 1849.They did not
marry in Borre parish - but may have married in Skien parish (or Ramnes).
Johan must have died during the period late 1862 - January 1866 (when the
census was done), but he is not listed as dead / buried in Borre or Horten
parishes. His profession is listed as Maskinist = usually referring to
sailors. He may have died at sea too far away from home to get buried in

Jon was so kind to help me find my gr grandmothers parents and siblings. I
would like to
follow up on this but do not know where to go from here.

Regards and A Happy New Year!

Al Askevold

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