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From: "Jim Bergquist" <>
Subject: RE: SIMEN ( Åteigen) ØDEGÅRDEN/ODEGAARDENfrom Dovre to Dakotain1903
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 12:36:33 -0500
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Hi, Helen,
Here is some background information that may be helpful if this Ole
Hestdalen was in or near Abercrombie in the early days (rather than farming
out in the country). There was a town called McCauleyville, probably not on
maps any more, just east, across the Red River, in Minnesota. In the 1870's
and I think for about ten years, it was set up as a lumber mill. Eventually
it closed and the town disappeared. There are three or four homes there

At Abercrombie, ND, are the remains of the frontier Fort Abercrombie, built
in about 1861-62. I'm pretty sure that fort was abandoned by about 1875,
though. Today, it is partially restored, and worth a visit if a person is
nearby. There is a small Visitor's Center with limited hours.
Jim B in Minn

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From: Helén Cathrine Just [mailto:]

I think you have Ole J. Hestdalen here:
....that he is already an american and has been in Richland since 1879, if I
read it right (?). Connie said he imigrated in 1870, I think it was from the
1910 census as well.

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