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From: "Liv Skramstad" <>
Subject: FW: Corrine
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 05:03:09 +0200

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From: P. St.Denis [mailto:]
Sent: 19. juni 2005 01:39
Subject: Corrine

Even though I never met Corrine I did feel like I had. We exchanged a
couple of e-mails and she said I had given her a good laugh when I told her
my body looked like a crazy quilt sewn by a beginner quilter. I would like
to be able to drive down and meet the listers that live in northern Minn.
How about lunch in Grand Marais? Any takers?
There is a magazine called "Transporting Boundaries" that is published in
Minn.. I bought a copy the other day because there is an article in it about
the Scandinavian home Cafe in it. There is also a review of a book "Walk to
New York" by a local author, Charles Wilkins. He actually walked from
Thunder Bay, Ont. Canada to New York City. I have an autographed copy as I
took a course from him at the local university.
I have no connection with this magazine other than the fact that I bought
one. The e-mail is Goodbye Corrine and all the
best to your family.
Pauline in Thunder Bay

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