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Subject: Re: [NOR] Many thanks to all!
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2006 22:51:49 +0100
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Reina, Dave, ..

The farm was named RASTØEN in the 1801 census:


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Subject: Re: [NOR] Many thanks to all!

Hello Dave,

Because this is all information you might have, I guess it's indeed quite
logic (hypothetically) that the father of Halsten Rasmussen has been called
Rasmus Larsen.
In those days they surely have named their children to their own parents.
BUT it might also have been that the mother of Halsten Rasmussen has been
called "Larsdatter".
That is the diffficulty in Norwegian genealogy

Rustøen: as far as it concerns the 1801 census there seems to be no farm
But in the 1865 census there is a farm named: Rustøen in Indvigen in Sogn of
Fjordane in the sokn Olden (community Indvigen)

I do not know so much about these changements in farmnames. As far as I
could see in Norway myself, some farms could be a piece of land with a
number of houses, but other farms have just one house located at a small
piece of ground. It could have been that older names did return to name a
piece of land. The time between 1801 and 1865 is a period of about 64
years!!! And it's difficult to find out when the name Rustøen did pop up in
those years.

May the persons you are looking for took the "new" name (Rustøen) of the
farm as their surname??? In a certain period? Might have been after 1801???
But I think that it can'nt miss that Rustøen has been in Indvigen. And I
guess that they have lived there all the time, also in the earlier years
(and have born there)

Nowadays I can'nt find Rustøen at the map. It could be that the houses are
not there anymore nowadays. But I have also seen in Norway myself that
names of former farms, which are not at the map nowadays, still exist in
Norway. If you are there driving around, you can see these old names.

Kind regards

Dave wrote:
With that information, would I be right in looking for Halstens father under
the name Rasmus Larsen, since the first son is named Lars?
Also, is there another spelling for Rustøen? Until today, I had never heard
of that location.

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